Marriage is a very sacred and significant thing, but it also can be difficult at times.  If you are viewing this page, then in all likelihood your marriage is going through some troubles.  While many marriages cannot be salvaged, with some work and commitment from both spouses, however, some can.   If you believe your marriage could be saved, we have included some beneficial links below for more information on maintaining your marriage.  If you are in doubt about this divorce being filed, we would encourage you to view these websites and consider what they have to offer before making a final decision on whether to file for divorce or not. 




Mickey Johnson

Family Law Attorney

$299 Uncontested Divorce


Our office charges $299 to draft the paperwork to help you complete your uncontested divorce.  This fee includes drafting the complaint, settlement agreement and final order, and in the cases where minor children are involved, parenting plans and child support worksheets.  Depending on the county where you file, we may be able to finalize your divorce for you without you ever having to appear in court.  Some courts, however, do require you to actually appear before the judge and in those instances we will draft all the necessary paperwork to complete your divorce and then forward those papers to you along with simple and exact instructions on what you must do to complete the divorce.  With the proper documents and guidance, it will be quite simple for you to complete the divorce on your own.




 Yes, every divorce in Georgia also requires that you pay a filing fee to the court.  The filing fees range from around $200 to $220, depending on the county where you file.  This fee must be paid to the county or you will not be allowed to file your divorce.  At the beginning of the online questionnaire, you will be able to select your county and see what that court will charge you to file your divorce.  The court's fee is of course separate and apart from our fee and both will be required to be paid in full before your divorce can be filed.

As mentioned above, initial question that must be asked is can you file a divorce in Georgia and if so where.  Currently our practice is limited to divorces filed in the state of Georgia, so for our office to be able to assist you your divorce must be eligible to be filed here.  If you can answer yes to either of these questions, then our office may be able to assist you and you can begin completing the online questionnaire.  If you cannot answer yes to either of the following questions, then you need to contact our office to see if we might still be able to assist you.

1.  Is your spouse a resident of Georgia?

2.  Is your spouse resident in a different state?  If so, have you resided in Georgia for at least six months?