Mickey Johnson

Family Law Attorney



Ensuring that your final affairs are handled is something that brings most people a great deal of peace of mind.  The Law Office of Mickey Johnson will listen to your wishes, advise you on the best way to proceed and promptly draw up your will and any other needed documents to ensure that your estate is situated the way you want it.



If you are in need of an adoption attorney, the Law Office of Mickey Johnson is here to help.  We have assisted in relative adoptions, DHR adoptions and step-parent adoptions and have a success rate second to none.  Our experience navigating this extremely complex area of the law allows our clients to feel confident that their rights are being protected during this very important time in their lives.

Criminal Law


An unfortunate experience that many families face is dealing with a loved one's poor choices or helping a loved one defend themselves against false allegations.  Our office has over a decade of experience successfully defending those wrongly accused of crimes and also ensuring those who acknowledge their wrongdoings are treated fairly and justly by the court system.

Child Support


Every child has a legal right to be supported financially by his or her parents.  At the Law Office of Mickey Johnson we are experienced in assuring the child receives what the law requires.  Whether you are a custodial parent needing assistance getting child support started or a non-custodial parent being burdened by paying more than the law allows, our office will work diligently to see that your rights are protected. 



Whether beginning a divorce or defending yourself against one, the Law Office of Mickey Johnson has the experience you need.  Our office is committed to helping you achieve the best outcome possible during this extremely trying time of your life.  Our office has successfully represented clients in settling their case without them having to go to court, in hundreds of hearings before judges across the state when court was necessary, and even in taking their cases to a full jury trial.  No case is too large or too small for our office to handle.



Having your children or your grandchildren in a safe, stable home is a top priority for most parents or grandparents.  If you are concerned that no such situation exists for your children, our office may be able to help.  A strong knowledge of the law and an understanding of the courts and what the courts look for in child custody cases allows our office to offer our clients competent and reliable representation.  



If you are the father of a child born out of wedlock, you must legitimate that child to have legal rights to him or her.  Our experience allows us to offer our clients practical advice on steps to be taken both before and during the legitimation action to increase your likelihood of success.

Also, if you are the mother of a child whose father is attempting to legitimate and you have concerns about whether or not that should be allowed, our office can assess your situation and equip you with the tools you will need to make the strongest arguments you can to the court to prevent the legitimation from being granted.

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