Mickey Johnson

Family Law Attorney

After your initial consultation, our office will draft all of the necessary documents that your case requires and after receiving your approval, they will be filed and your case will begin.  Over the next several weeks or months our office will work vigorously with you to resolve your case to your satisfaction, both in and our of court.  Depending on the facts, your case could be finalized in as a little as a month or it could take well over a year.  With our office working with you, however, you will have confidence that your case is being handled with compassion and dedication.

Your Case Begins


At your initial meeting with our office you will need to be prepared.  Our office will not be able to make an accurate assessment of your situation without all of the facts.  You will be asked to provide all paperwork that you have been served with along with other relevant information. Due to the personal nature of family law cases, it will be necessary for you to be prepared to discuss personal matters, including income, indebtedness, and relationships with family members.  The more complete your information the quicker your case can be started or your defense can begin.

The Initial Consultation


When facing a family law situation, be it divorce, custody, or child support, the actions you take and when you take them will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.  Time is not on your side!  If you have been served with an action asking for a divorce, change in custody or change in child support, you have no more than thirty days to file an official pleading with the court.  If you fail to do so the other side could be entitled to get everything they are asking for without you wishes ever being heard.  It is therefore important to schedule a consultation with our office to go over the strengths and weaknesses of your case as soon as possible.  The longer your attorney has to prepare the greater likelihood you have of success.  Additionally, if it is your intention to be the one to initially file the case, there are several considerations that come into play as to timing.  Our years of experience will help ensure that your case begins on the best footing possible. 

Time Is Of The Essence